An amazing place for a romantic honeymoon or adventurous holiday in Thailand

Discover the magic of Kanlaya's Eyrie

The perfect Thailand destination for an intrepid adventure holiday or romantic Honeymoon, Kanlaya’s is a stunningly grand design in a spectacular setting, remote yet luxurious, romantic and full of adventure. It’s bespoke and brimming with Northern Thailand’s renowned charm.

Set high in the mountainous tribal heartland of Mae Hong Son, Thailand’s remotest province far tothe west of Chiang Mai, and in sight of the Burmese border, lies a fabulous base camp in the midst of the jungle. Cocooned in a magnificent sub-tropical garden stand two remarkable houses:

  • Kanlaya’s Eyrie is the last word in luxury, 5000 square feet, nestled in the heart of the garden. The spacious self-contained Honeymoon Suite with jacuzzi pavilion takes pride of place. Flanking the secret courtyard are the second Guest Suite, a spacious Sala and wrap around balconies gazing up the valley.
  • Cobblestones is the original house, ruggedly built from river washed cobbles. Its upper floor, approached by a grand four tier external teakwood staircase, has just been transformed into three spacious suites. From their private balconies are magnificent views of mountains, river and forest.

It’s an enchanting landscape, jungle clad peaks and palisades all around, home to the ancient and charming Hill Tribe clans. Awash with rivers and riddled with caves, this adventure playground is perfect for caving, kayaking, rafting, trekking, off road biking, tribal culture, abundant nature, cooking and more. The climate is heavenly, the outlook is divine. The garden tumbles down over 50 meters to the river below. On its opposite bank the Jungle begins.

For a la carte Holidays and romantic Honeymoons, we’ll propose menus to taste and adventures to try if you tire of admiring the view. Within a day’s march of the best of the Mae Hong Son wilderness, Kanlaya’s is a hub and spoke destination that combines the best of the wild with unmatched levels of comfort. The village also sports two good local restaurants and a stylish coffee shop.

Kanlaya’s is a happy partnership. Kanlaya herself, hails from the Karen Hill Tribe village just upstream. Philip owns South Farm, the acclaimed wedding venue in Cambridgeshire, England. Kanlaya bought the bare site as an intrepid teenager and has seen it transformed into possibly the finest private dwelling this side of Chiang Mai, 120 spectacular mountain miles to the east

Kanlaya’s wins top Guest Review Award for fifth year running

KANLAYA’S HONEYMOONS start in heaven.  Well, as close as you can get to it in the lofty mountains of Mae Hong Son.  Local Lahu Tribesmen built us our very own sunrise look out hut on the very highest ridge 2,000 feet above Kanlaya’s.  As our Honeymooners greet the rising sun, climbing above the distant Eastern mountain skyline, it’s brilliant rays lighting up the downy mist that fills the valleys hereabouts at dawn, Sinouan, our cook, dishes up a fabulous ‘Full English’ cooked over charcoal at the back of the hut, washed down with local Arabica coffee.  Not a bad way to start the journey of a lifetime! 

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We are proud to be awarded the Kayak Travel Award – which ranks Kanlaya’s in the top 3% of over 1 million destinations worldwide! 

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