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An amazing place for a romantic honeymoon or adventurous holiday in Thailand


Mae Hong Son Province is Thailand's most remote, least populated wilderness area. It's an unspoilt natural playground of mountains, rivers, caves, forests and mountain villages. It offers a heady mix of activities, expeditions and cultural immersion for adventurers of all ages.

Caving  The region is riddled with magnificent caves, underground rivers and waterfalls, spectacular rock formations, strange animals and cave burials. Choose from the magnificent Thum Lod caves a mile downstream, entered by raft with a professional guide, to remote and seldom visited caverns of exceptional ecological importance.

Caving in Northern Thailand

Rafting and Kayaking  Down white-water rivers, Thum Lod caverns, through virgin jungle, with optional overnight jungle camps.

Kayaking in Thailand through Lod Cave

Trekking and Off-road Biking
 Along mountain trails to remote hill tribe villages. Karen, Lisu, Lahu and Mhong each retain their own costumes, customs and languages and welcome visitors. Home Stay available

Dawn and Dusk  See the sun rise above the mist filled valleys from the highest local peak. At dusk witness the incredible return of hundreds of thousands of cave-adapted swifts to their night roost within Thum Lod cave after 12 hours on the wing, just as the bats start to emerge in the opposite direction.

We have created a comprehensive Activities Guide which shows you a huge variety of things you can do when you are with us.  Just click on the link below.

Kanlaya's Activities Guide