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An amazing place for a romantic honeymoon or adventurous holiday in Thailand

Back-Packers Home Stay

For hardy travellers stretching their budgets to maximise their travel time, our Old House has clean and spacious rooms, unusually large and comfortable beds, shower rooms and fans. The upper balcony has extraordinarily beautiful views, and our enchanting garden falls away below the house. On winter nights a great log fire burns there and a star-studded night of exceptional brilliance hangs overhead.

Local food draws heavily on the jungle to supplement village hogs and fowl and the rice is grown within view. Our own garden yields an increasingly diverse range of organic vegetables reflecting the same self-sufficiency we achieve at home at South Farm. If you are missing a good English breakfast, fish & chips or sausage & mash, just ask.

There is a host of things to do nearby, energetic, adventurous, meditative. The river, good for swimming, runs around our boundary.

The Old House stands proudly at our gate, built of local materials, river-washed cobble walls, fine teak posts and glistening floors. It is a focal point for Kanlaya's extensive family and our village neighbours who come and go throughout the day. These generous and gregarious tribal people welcome our visitors without restraint.

Home Stay Bedroom per night 750 Barts, food and drink when you want.

Turn up and take your chance or call us on 06653617261 in Thailand or see contacts below.