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An amazing place for a romantic honeymoon or adventurous holiday in Thailand


Markets and Cooking  Visit Thailand's most colourful Tribal Market in nearby Pang Mapha, buy exotic and unusual ingredients and learn to cook them back home with a professional chef.

Buddhist Blessing, Meditation and Temple Visits  Buddhist monks welcome visitors to their temples for meditation and a ceremony of blessing can be held at the Spirit House at Kanlaya's.

Flora and Fauna  The sub-tropical rainforest embracing Kanlaya’s is festooned with epiphytes, ferns, orchids and bromeliads, and trees burst with colour at every season. The eerie call of the Gibbon still echoes through the valleys and wild elephant trumpet from the more remote reaches of the hills. Butterflies in magnificent colours and exotic insects of amazing designs enchant the eye, whilst the huge colony of swifts that hibernate in the caves a mile down river present an amazing evening spectacle as they stream back directly overhead in tens of thousands to their roosts directly above our heads.
Tribal Culture  Few ethnic majorities anywhere else in the world have preserved intact their respective cultures of language, religion, handicrafts, costume and customs as faithfully as the distinctive tribal groups that populate the surrounding mountains, Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Mhong and Aka. Proud and independent they may be, but all hold out a welcome to visitors to their villages.