An amazing place for a romantic honeymoon or adventurous holiday in Thailand

Monikam – 18 November 2023 

Awesome Stay at Kanlaya’s – During our tour through Thailand in October / November 2023, we stayed two days at Kanlaya’s Eyrie Homestay. When we arrived, we decided to take the Honeymoon suite due to the fantastic view towards the Myanmar border and the aesthetical interior with a strong personal touch. We had dinner at the outside terrace both days and we would rate these, without hesitation, as the very best we ever had during our several trips in Thailand. Philip and Gale were wonderful and lovely hosts and they prepared fantastic local specialties for us. The evening atmosphere in their wonderful courtyard was absolutely amazing.

For the tour with our rental car along the Myanmar border, we received a lot of extremely useful hints and recommendations from Philip. Additionally, we were extremely lucky with the weather conditions throughout the day so that we were able to take excellent photos of the unique landscape where we did not meet any other tourists.

We enjoyed our likewise excellent breakfast on another terrace with a beautiful morning view towards the winding river and the surrounding hills. In a scale of 1 to 10 points we would rate our stay at Kanlaya’s clearly with 12 points. We can only strongly recommend Kanlaya’s to all visitors who are looking for an exceptional experience with a friendly and familiar touch. Thanks again, Philip and Gale for treating us so kindly and making our stay with you unforgettable. 

David – 02 November 2023 

Beautiful, unique Homestay that everyone should try and enjoy at least once in your lifetime – Homestay owners and their staff were very attentive of your needs and very engaging on talking about the local area. The room was not a standard box like most 5 star hotels but instead very individual with something beautifully well designed to see at every turn. Wonderful gardens, peaceful surroundings therefore very easy to while away time. Delicious, local food cooked by Homestay owner

There was nothing that stood out as poor or needing improvement. This is not the cheapest property in the area but you don’t select it on price. This is a treat that everyone should experience

DM – 02 November 2023 

A last minute decision to stay here which will turn out to be one of the best we make. We upgraded to the Honeymoon Suite and had the most magnificent stay. The suite is luxurious and has beautiful detail that you wouldn’t find in a typical 5 star hotel. Fantastically spacious, with a spa tub we didn’t have time to enjoy. Gale, the owner, cooked a fantastic local dinner which prevents you walking into the village and allows you to enjoy the beautiful garden that they have created to embrace the homestay.

I could have stayed a week and found new detail to observe everyday. You will only be in this area once in your lifetime most likely. This is not your average homestay and worth every penny for sumptuous luxury

Raphael – 03 September 2023 

The pearl of our trip on the Mae Hong Song Loop! This magical place with breathtaking views has enchanted us. Our host Pen and her team went out of their way to make our stay perfect. If I return, the Honey Moon Suite is a must – just heavenly. The evening, vegetarian dinners were a treat. Our hike and kayak adventure including cave visit were equally amazing. An absolute must for any traveller!

With an infinity pool, this place would be a paradise on earth! There is room for creativity at breakfast – a little more variety and freshly prepared options would be great. Tip: Take enough cash with you, as card payment on site is unfortunately not possible.

Keren – 10 August 2023 

The service was outstanding. 

FJE Wellstern – 21 July 2023 

Kanlaya’s Eyrie is such a special place, my family and I adored our time at this lovely, hidden gem of a guesthouse. The location, in the breathtaking mountains of northern Thailand, is honestly undescribable. The staff and owners are warm and welcoming and so good at their jobs and obviously had a deep love for their country and community. Getting here is not easy- it’s a long and winding drive but the scenery along the way makes the trip go by quickly. And the arrival makes it all worth it!
Do not miss out on the traditional Thai massage and the hike/lunch with the local guide. Both very special and unique experiences!

Adam – 31 March 2023 

This place is amazing! Philip and Kanlaya are such good hosts and the rooms are impeccable. They had great suggestions for things to do in the area (don’t miss the Swifts returning to Nam Lod cave in the evening) and even took me to town to experience the festival, some drinks, and local culture. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path and can effort to splurge a little bit this place is definitely worth it!

Paula – 26 March 2023

Just a one-of-a kind guest house (if you can even call it that–it’s way more luxurious than a guesthouse sounds) . An experience fit for a honeymoon–the rooms are huge, with unbelievable views; local art and other unique touches; traditional architecture and outdoor spaces to die for. We had dinner there every night (Gail cooked for us) and drank in the great advice given by both Gail and Philip about what to do in the area, including exploring the nearby caves at dusk instead of in the morning (as most people do), so we could see thousands of swifts swirling back into the cave to nest there for the night. We also had Phillip and Gail arrange for locals to come give us massages and Phillip suggested we do it in their amazing outdoor pavilion surrounded by candles. 

We had dinner there every night (Gail cooked for us) and drank in the great advice given by both Gail and Philip about what to do in the area, including exploring the nearby caves at dusk instead of in the morning (as most people do), so we could see thousands of swifts swirling back into the cave to nest there for the night. We also had Phillip and Gail arrange for locals to come give us massages and Phillip suggested we do it in their amazing outdoor pavilion surrounded by candles and the sounds of the rushing river below. The location is great–it’s fun to just take a walk in the very local village and it’s an easy drive to see the lovely small city of Mae Hong Son or the grittier but colorful backpacker village of Phai. I’d highly recommend this place for a family, a group of friends, or any kind of special celebration. It is truly luxurious in a totally off-the-beaten path location–you can see the Burmese border from the terraces–that’s how far away it is.

Hans – 25 March 2023

Unforgettable! We feel very lucky to have found this gem of a place and such wonderful hosts

Wonderful hosts who treated us like friends , Phillip was a fountain of knowledge and Gael took us to festivals and places we would never have found on our own . We are truly grateful for all their kindness . The breakfast with that incredible view every morning was to die for . Homemade sausages … freshly squeezed orange juice .

Trudi – 25 March 2023

This place is amazing! Philip and Kanlaya are such good hosts and the rooms are impeccable. They had great suggestions for things to do in the area (don’t miss the Swifts returning to Nam Lod cave in the evening) and even took me to town to experience the festival, some drinks, and local culture. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path and can effort to splurge a little bit this place is definitely worth it!

Nikolay – 13 March 2023

Lovely place – highly recommended

What a lovely place. Great location with a magnificent view from the balcony. The owners are very friendly and helpful. We had a great dinner in the village together with another two guests and the owners. The breakfast was excellent. We will be back next year and will definitely stay longer. Highly recommended.

Halliday – 8 March 2023

thank you very much for a great time. throughout our stay we were surrounded by the care of the owners. great room, hotel grounds and food.

Ferd – 7 March 2023

Absolutely amazing place

Everything was amazing, The owners Gail and Philip were lovely, friendly, helpful and welcoming nothing was too much trouble for them. We will definitely return next time we’re in the area. We stayed in the jacuzzi suite.

Everything was great

Maille – 5 March 2023

Great place to relax with stunning views.
Philip and Gail are great hosts. It truly is a home stay, feels like staying with friends. The suites are wonderful, the view is amazing, and there are many things you can do in the area. Great English breakfast, best bacon I handing Thailand. Good wines and beers in the fridge, dinner at the homestay if you want, really was perfect.

Sarah – 3 March 2023

Phillip and Gayle are amazing hosts! can’t wait to go back. pictures don’t do the place justice, just gorgeous xx

Anonymous – 20 Feb 2023

Philip, Gail and company were wonderful hosts! They always made us feel at home. We had dinner twice at the resort and food was fantastic both times. We upgraded to the top room with a jacuzzi overlooking the river and Burmese border – wow what a stay! Luxury done in such a tasteful manner. Highly recommended!

Graham – 18 Feb 2023

A unique personal and enriching experience. The owners are a fantastic couple. Both Gail and Philip make the stay so special. Fantastic location with views of the mountains of Myanmar on the horizon and a beautiful river which winds its way through the landscape before disappearing into Thum Lod cave.

Louise – 14 February 2023 

Beautiful boutique hotel, very well decorated. Dinner (750 bart / person) was delicious in the courtyard – the bed is very comfortable, the hosts are very friendly and have many good recommendations unfortunately we were there during the fires and couldn’t enjoy it as much as we would have liked (I wouldn’t recommend coming mid February). The vegetation in area in also very dry at this time of year, not the lush greenery we see on the pictures. we hope to come back one day at a better time, because the location must be absolutely gorgeous at the right time of the year (rainy season or right after)

Elyse – 25 January 2023

The BEST authentic northern Thailand experience. This is going to be a long review, but if you are considering staying here and want a real, local Thai experience, keep reading. This place is NOT touristy and we were among a small handful of foreigners in the area during our stay. We stayed at Kanlaya’s for 3 days and it was one of my favorite destinations of the month long trip to SE Asia. Gail, Phillip, and Pen (Gail’s sister) are wonderfully warm and accommodating people who made our stay so special and unique. Gail (Kanlaya) gave us the most amazing tour of the area over several days. We drank local coffee which was grown nearby, with beans still warm from the day’s roasting, hand ground in front of us and prepared in the local fashion. We expressed interest in exploring caves and Gail took us all over and joined us as we navigated the sometimes treacherous caves. They provided us with local guides for the caves, one which included being chest deep in an underground river! Aside from hanging out with Gail (who I wished was my new best friend) we opted to have dinner at the property for two nights. And OMG, the food was unreal. very authentic northern Thai cuisine, made by Gail and her sister, Pen. The property itself has been carefully designed by the hosts, integrating the local geology and plants into the architecture. Phillip is an absolute thrill to chat with. He’s very knowledgeable on the culture and geology of the area and we enjoyed many lively fireside conversations in the evenings. Our room was decorated and designed with intense attention to detail. Wonderful views. Great birdwatching opportunities. Do not miss this opportunity! I cannot express this enough. Wonderful in every way. Thanks again for hosting us and showing us the magical beauty of Northern Thailand

Arie – 14 January 2023

Amazing, beautiful and clean room, stunning view, pampering staff, just perfect

The BEST authentic northern Thailand experience. This is going to be a long review, but if you are considering staying here and want a real, local Thai experience, keep reading. This place is NOT touristy and we were among a small handful of foreigners in the area during our stay. We stayed at Kanlaya’s for 3 days and it was one of my favorite destinations of the month long trip to SE Asia. Gail, Phillip, and Pen (Gail’s sister) are wonderfully warm and accommodating people who made our stay so special and unique. Gail (Kanlaya) gave us the most amazing tour of the area over several days. We drank local coffee which was grown nearby, with beans still warm from the day’s roasting, hand ground in front of us and prepared in the local fashion. We expressed interest in exploring caves and Gail took us all over and joined us as we navigated the sometimes treacherous caves. They provided us with local guides for the caves, one which included being chest deep in an underground river! Aside from hanging out with Gail (who I wished was my new best friend) we opted to have dinner at the property for two nights. And OMG, the food was unreal. very authentic northern Thai cuisine, made by Gail and her sister, Pen. The property itself has been carefully designed by the hosts, integrating the local geology and plants into the architecture. Phillip is an absolute thrill to chat with. He’s very knowledgeable on the culture and geology of the area and we enjoyed many lively fireside conversations in the evenings. Our room was decorated and designed with intense attention to detail. Wonderful views. Great birdwatching opportunities. Do not miss this opportunity! I cannot express this enough. Wonderful in every way. Thanks again for hosting us and showing us the magical beauty of Northern Thailand.

Lance – 13 January 2023

Wonderful place to visit and enjoy – My wife and I stayed 5 nights in Jan 2023 as a “slow down” stop while driving the full Mae Hong Son loop. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Really wonderful place, fantastic ambience, great hosts and staff. The room itself (the “Deluxe Double Room with Shower”) was comfortable, clean, located in the main area of the property which we enjoyed (lots of patios/terrace areas), and had wonderful views up-valley with mountains on either side. It was a pleasure waking up each morning and finding ourselves in this special place. The hosts provide a lot of helpful information about many available activities (which they can arrange) or for those who want a slower pace (like us) it was easy to find some nice hikes in the area, visit the nearby Nam Lod Cave at dusk to see the swifts (birds) returning to their nests in the cave by the many tens of thousands, sample a few of the village restaurants in between romantic breakfasts and dinners on the patio/terraces of the resort, and of course have some very nice relaxing time in this beautiful property. We especially enjoyed the evening fire in the main patio area with a great view of the stars and enjoyable conversations with the hosts and other guests. Thank you Kanlaya, Philip, and the rest of the staff!

Robert – 11 January 2023

Kanlaya’s Resort is a outstanding place, especially for lovers of the beautul Nature. It’s a beautiful place, in beautiful Nature with fresh temperatures at Night. The Buildings and the Surroundings are designed with the fine Details and in the original Thai Architecture by the Owners Philip & Gail. If you want to relax and recover, you will be on the right place. Enjoy the very tasty traditional local Food Dinner along the warm Fireplace. Have a pleasant chat around the Fireplace. Anyway, if you go to stay in Kanlaya’s Eyrie, you will spend very pleasant and unforgettable time there.Sad that we had to leave, after our stay.

Lisbet – 9 January 2023

Fantastic location. Rooms are beautifully decorated with attention to detail. Staff are very attentive.

Wally Santana –  ​December 2022 

Magic in the Mountains. A bird’s chirp, a distant rooster’s crow are the first sounds you hear cutting through the morning fog. Heated bathroom floors, freshly baked croissants and local coffee start the day. Just outside of your villa surrounded in lush flora, sheer limestone mountains jet up from the lazy river below. Welcome to Kanlaya’s Eyrie. This fantastic boutique villa is owned and operated by a lovely couple that have a refined,

fastidious sense of duty and care for their guests. I won’t give away all the secrets of this jewel but the nearby cathedral-like Tham Lod cave, local Karen villages, and hot springs make a memorable trip for anyone. Details: This was our second visit. On both occasions we drove the winding 1095 road from Chiang Mai, roughly 4 1/2hours through gorgeous mountain…

Tobias – 22nd December 2022

The cave is sensational. We stayed in two mountain villages with guides. Super nice. Philip and Gael organize everything. Plus points: wonderful grounds, great food. Negative: nothing.

Agathe – November 2022 

Wonderful Honeymoon! Thank you so much Gail, Philip and Pen for the wonderful honeymoon we had at your place. We spent 4 days in this amazing site – our villa was absolutely fantastic with the nicest bathroom I ever seen, the breakfast/ dinner were delicious and so romantic! All the activities Gail and Philip helped us organize were great : hiking in the mountain, spending an exceptional night sleeping in the mountain with everything cooked on a BBQ and a fire, most romantic breakfast ever had with the sunrise on the mountains, discovering the area with a scooter. We come back to France with unforgettable memories. Mille mercis !

Charlotte – 16 January 2022

Will be back 🙂 Beautifully designed, luxury homestay nestled on the edges of a nice village

Anonymous – 29 December 2021

An incredibly wonderful stay near Lod Cave. On the way to visit Lod Cave, I stumbled upon this exquisite and ultra-comfortable hotel. The room design is integrated into the nature, and there are surprises everywhere. It is the first time to enjoy the floor heating system in a Thai house. The gentle and beautiful service lady is a local mountain citizen. She took us up to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise at 5 o’clock in the morning. It was a great experience.

Nyhuis – 26th December 2021

Unexpected luxury in the middle of nature – amazing place to relax. The rooms are exceptionally nice. The owner took a lot of time to chat with us and we were still having a glass of wine together by the campfire. The dog Tang-Tong was my personal favorite. The staff were the best, friendliest I have experienced so far in Thailand. Absolutely everything is right here.
We would have liked to stay another day – unfortunately it was already fully booked.

Deni and Family – Christmas 2021

Finally arrived back in Bangkok two days ago, and although a bit tired and weary, the 6 day trip was well worth it. I wanted to say a big thanks to all of you for the kind hospitality you showed us during our stay. It was such a memorable trip for my family. Lots of memorable moments, but for me personally, I will remember fondly the time chatting with Gail by the fireside, dinner under the stars, trekking through nature trails, and of course the spectacular sunrise. Wow! What a treat that was!
The property is amazing, and we were impressed with the design, and more so impressed knowing how much hand to hand effort and attention to detail were put into making Kanlaya come to life! I’m sure a lot of energy, time, and sweat was put into it…but the reward is evident. Emma was inspired and appreciated the hard work you must have endured to make this paradise.

We were honoured to experience the local nature. Ryan appreciated the diverse life and particularly enjoyed the buffaloes (not so much the three big spiders we encountered along the way – although they were harmless – haha), but certainly to have the buffaloes up close and personal was a rare treat for him. Muay really liked the food, especially the fish soup we had by the river. She’s not much of an adventure person, but I was pleasantly surprised how uplifted she was during the whole trip. She enjoyed seeing the Swifts, trekking a few kilometers and of course, buying some clothes of traditional fabric. Leena and I loved trekking. We had some really good meaningful conversations along the way which made us even closer as best friends. We continued with the longer trek and we could have gone on for a bit more as it was so enjoyable. The lunch on the bank of the river was simply delightful, and we also enjoyed getting our feet wet as we fed plants to the fish.

So many great memories in such a short time. From our family to yours, a big heartfelt thank you.

Natasa – 24 December 2021

Quiet, suitable for relaxation

Bruce – 3 January 2021

Kanlaya’s is exceptional in every way. Particularly enjoyed meeting and talking with the owners, who are kind, generous and very intelligent. The site is spectacular. The adventure activities on offer are exceptional aesthetically, spiritually and materially. Loved being there. Hope to return.

Sittichoke – 27 December 2020

Staff 10 Cleanliness 10 Location 10 Facilities 10 Comfort 10 Value for money 10 – My top 5 best hotel in my life !!!

Sara – 3 August 2020

Staff 10 Cleanliness 10 Location 10 Facilities 10 Comfort 10 Value for money 10

The location of this place is absolutely stellar, and the place is really nice for such a remote location. I will definitely stay here next time I’m in the area. The owners are also very nice and have amazing tips!
No AC but it cools down at night so it wasn’t a big deal. Hidden gem

Mauro – 1 March 2020

Staff 10 Cleanliness 10 Location 10 Facilities 10 Comfort 10 Value for money 10

Que dire … c’est top top ! À faire et à refaire …. un rêve éveillé … et un accueil à la hauteur du site et ce n’est rien de le dire…. il fait le VIVRE 👍
What to say… it’s top! To do and redo…. a awake dream… and a welcome to the site and that’s not to say…. he does the VIVRE 👍

Vincent Buckenham – 17 February 2020

Le lieu, la vue, l’accueil et la gentillesse de notre hôte, le calme. Le confort de la chambre, le bon petit déjeuner
Tout était parfait

The place, the view, the welcome and the kindness of our host, the calm. The comfort of the room, the good breakfast.
Everything was perfect.

Thad – 10 February 2020

Staff 10 Cleanliness 10 Location10 Facilities 10 Comfort 10 Value for money 9

The couple who built this are charming. It is one of the most beautiful rooms we have stayed in in 60 countries

Robert Baettig – 12 January 2020

Staff 10 Cleanliness 10 Location 10 Facilities 10 Comfort 10 Value for money 10

Wonderful Resort in the stunning Nature of Thailands Mountains – Kanlaya’s Eyrie near to Thamlot Caves is the Paradiese of Phililp & Gayle. The Owners gave us a very warm treatment, while we stayed at their wonderful Luxury Homestay. My wife and myself enjoyed our stay very much. While sitting there, enjoining the peace of the wonderful Landscape, or having a Massage in a Sala, overlooking the preaceful nature. Having a very nice Candlelight Thai Dinner. Sitting on the Fireplace together with Philip & Gayle and having a long Chat. A wonderful breakfast on the table (including fresh Juice, fresh Fruits, strong and very fine Local Mountain Coffee, and the fresh prepared Food,overlooking the peaceful and hilly landscape. We really loved the stay in Kanlaya’s Luxury Homestay. Thanks a lot Philip &Gayle – surely see you another time too.

Lynne – January 2020 

We discovered this amazing resort on the internet. The reviews were excellent and the photos seemed impressive. Our expectations were high. But everything about this piece of heaven exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much Gail and Philip. Your warmth and kindness matched the beauty of your resort. We spent three nights at Kanlaya’s. Perhaps the most beautiful accommodation we have ever enjoyed.

Baldur – 6th December 2019

Exceptional. What an experience!

This was a wonderful, paradise-like, authentic, relaxing but also exciting time. We stayed for two nights, enjoyed a day long hike and the sunrise with the hosts (they offer some tours you can choose from) and we absolutely loved it. The hosts are wonderful people, chatting with you by the fire in the evening (so much to tell about the area, the tribes, the life in Thailand), they cook the food themselves (best Thai food we’ve ever had and we have been to Thailand 5 times for many weeks – definitely choose this option instead of going to some other place! )…the place is made with so much love, full of plants and cozy lights, the interior is traditional and beautiful, the garden is huge right above the river, the famous Lod cave is easy and quick to reach. Massages and scooter were arranged on request. This place is absolutely remarkable, perfect to relax and calm down, non touristic and so much to see in the surroundings. It’s personal and far away from the typical tours you’d get somewhere else. It is 4 hrs by van from Chiang Mai, 1 hr from Pai and definitely worth the extra drive from Pai. Our favorite place so far.

Abel – 10th November 2019


Simplifying, EXCEPTIONAL place. I will do an extensive summary as I believe the accommodation deserves it. Access to the hotel location is already far from the most tourist areas of Thailand. It can be reached by bus from Chang Mai to Soppong, about 4 hours, or by plane to Mae Hong Son, not very economical option. It is a very populated area of vegetation. Gail came to pick us up and drop us off at the bus station free of charge, about 10 minutes to the accommodation. The accommodation is quite unique and not more than 3 or 4 stay for a stay, all with good taste. When going in the low season, we upgraded to the Superior Suite, obviously paying the difference in price, without a doubt a wise thing, it is PRICED, with all the luxury of details, outdoor jacuzzi, views of the river and the forest, massages on your own porch, dinner on the terrace with wood, very elaborate outdoor breakfasts,… Gail was always very attentive to us and took care of all the details, candles for the walk up to our stay, and any detail you needed, they will do everything for you, nothing to worry about The area is known for Bat Cave Tham Lot Cave, it is just accessible by walking about 5-10 minutes from Kanlaya, also walkable by kayaks on the river, and quite a few personalised tours are possible. We opted to visit the cave and take a break on the journey in this well maintained and exquisite environment. A couple of tips are next, cards are not accepted, so payment is in cash, and you must remember what meal plan you have, if you do not see your total bill increased. These points are just clarifying and to be aware, they are not negative. In short, EXCEPTIONAL, luxury, environment, nature, exclusivity, perfect service, all in one.

Elodie & Franck – 24th October 2019

Thank you so much for an amazing stay! Beautiful surroundings, friendly and peaceful place and the food is more than delicious.
We loved everything here and we will be back for sure, for more chocolate cakes and more chats with Khan Gail around the fire.

A unique place to make wonderful memories!

Lots of love
Elodie & Franck

Alain Louis October 2019

We were spoiled. Six stars. Need to come back and stay longer to fully enjoy this beautiful region. Brilliant location, great service and food. Top level attention to guests. With many options to fully enjoy the area, activities everywhere. This is the area to hang out around Pai, less mass tourism, more nature and luxury. Will definitely come back for longer stay.

Alain Switzerland March 2019

Dès l’arrivée, nous avons été accueillis comme des amis. Un bungalow sublime, décoré avec beaucoup de raffinements au sein d’un jardin de toute beauté. Un spa sous la terrasse couverte attenante et une vue sur la vallée et la rivière Paï exceptionnelle. Pour le dîner thaï, une table nous a été dressée entourée de bougies sous le ciel étoilé : Nous avons passé 2 jours de rêve.

Merci à nos 2 hôtes adorables.

Christian Switzerland 14 December 2018

Looking for Paradise – found heaven

Aussicht, Haus, Ruhe, Freundlichkeit der Gastgeber – einfach perfekte Ferien. Kulturell sehr interessant, super essen und einfach der wohlfühlfaktor wie zuhause zu sein.

Nur mit mehr Luxus als gewohnt 😉
Mae Hong Son ist Thailand immer noch so wie es früher überall war – authentisch und real

Ps. Thum Lod Oyster – last Euch von Philip erklären was das ist – yummy yummy

Dirk – February 2018

Romantic 5 star home stay.
Very nice room, outdoor Jacuzzi with beautiful views !
Owners, Gail and Philip are fantastic people with a good sense of humour.
Excellent breakfast in the morning.

Dorky48 – Italy 27 February 2018


L’ospitalità di Philip e Gail è stata insuperabile. Il Resort è una perla nella foresta del nord. Camera stupenda, arredata con ottimo gusto. Terrazzo con jacuzzi per vedere Il tramonto. Prima colazione completa. Abbiamo sempre cenato nel resort. Cucina di grande livello, leggera e mai ripetitiva. Poi chiacchiera con i nostri ospiti davanti alle braci avvolti dalla natura. Prezzi più che buoni considerando il livello del resort. Belle escursioni da fare. Lasciatevi guidare da Philip , gentiluomo di Cambridge e grande appassionato della natura. Che dire ancora ? Tutto Fantastico!

Sander Netherlands – February 2018

A true once in a lifetime experience! De kamer met fantastisch uitzicht en jacuzzi, ook Philip als de ultieme tourguide verdient extra waardering. Het leek soms net alsof we in een live uitzending van National Geographic zaten!

Scott USA Jan 2018

Paradise in Paradise
This property, which is probably the best choice in the northwest Hill Tribe area of Thailand, offers two rooms including a romantic luxury suite with a private hot tub. the owners, phillip and gail, were great hosts and very helpful in making local travel arrangements, including car service from Chiang Mai, a jungle hike to a waterfall, visit to a remote Karen village and a local cave. Since this property is fairly remote, which was a good thing for us, renters may want to choose the added breakfast and dinner option..however there are also several inexpensive local restaurants nearby. given its small size, with only two rooms to let and no formal bar, Kanlaya is clearly not a hotel. however its intimate and remote setting along a river, with hundreds of swift birds flying overhead every evening at sunset is hard to beat and worth every penny.

Netherlands 11 November 2017

Would love to come back to this little piece of heaven!
– Luxurious room set amidst breathtaking scenery.
– Plenty of viewing points within the resort where you can enjoy amazing views.
– Rooms were very well styled, clean with attention to details
– Private jacuzzi overlooking a beautiful valley.
– Food! We had breakfasts and dinner. Both with many options and very tasty food, it’s well worth the price.
– Overall service is fast and they were very flexible to our needs.
– The hosts are wonderful!
Nothing negative…Everything was perfect

Franz Germany

Wir können uns nur den sehr positiven Bewertungen anschließen. Im Kanlaya´s passt alles. Sehr aufmerksame und freundliche Gastgeber. Jeder Wunsch wird einem erfüllt. Es ist etwas teurer, aber man bekommt auch hervorragendes geboten. Gerne wieder.

Florent France December 2017

Un havre de paix dans la jungle
L’accueil sympathique avec cooktail de bienvenue
La chambre magnifique typique thai
Terrasse avec vue sur la jungle et jacuzzi
Le petit déjeuner sont très bon.. très bien composé
Le dîner sont préparer avec de bon produit frais. Cuisine thaïlandaise excellent
Hôte super sympathique, merci!
Je recommande

Cocoloma China 1 December 2017

Wonderful place
To my surprise, the pictures on the website turned out to be real, the inn really looks like this……old Philip’s dream is real
In the inn, we need to devote ourselves to the Manor Lord’s romance , but if a two-year-old child with us, we will find it’s hard to get into the state

Farsel & Julia 02/03/2017

The Emotions experienced during 3 days at Kanlaya can’t be described by words.
But, if you are reading this, you probably understand Philip is a great host, a fantastic guide but most important he is a really extraordinary person.
Gail smile at breakfast is a good boost for starting the day, her green curry is delicious.
Kanlaya is a secret corner of paradise.
Thank you so much Philip and Gail.

Farsel& Julia

Almost forgot to mention Cho, a sweet dog who has kept us company constantly!

Miranda Con Kate H 29/1/17

Thank you Gail and Philip for your hospitality. This place is great. The room is very lovely. Breakfast and meals are really delicious. We love watching stars at night at the patio. Everything is great.

We enjoyed the time staying here. We love to come back again!

Miranda Con Kate H

Anne, Phillipe, Laure, Edgar & Agathe 28.12.2016

Dear Gail and Philip, as well as the entire family!
We had a wonderful stay with you. 6 nights and days of pure immersion in a Karen family. It is exactly what we were looking for.
Avoir en l’opportunite de nous promenes avec des populations locale, de vois tous ces enfant clauser de Mariere traditionnelle, avoli le chance de fasser Noel entoure de la familie de Gail, le petit dejeuner cue lener du soleil, le rafting et le visite des eaves, les chutes (pesque) kintes mais tellement authentiques avec le refas cuit daies du bamboo. Que de meureilleux Sourenizs. Et quelle belle propriete. Nous vous le souhaitons…as sustainable as possible!

Anne, Phillipe, Laure, Edgar & Agathe
Brussels, Belgium

Chantal & Marc, 10/12/2016

Dear Gail, dear Philip

We would like to thank you very much for your hospitality. We loved to stay at your wonderful home, we enjoyed the amazing food, the interesting excursions.
Min Soen villmals Merci fri olie flott Zait be rich.
Maacht weisler esou.
Addi an Merci

Chantal & Marc,
Luxembourg, Europe

Leon 21.11.16

Great company, amazing food, lush surroundings…
Thank you so much for taking me under your wing when I was in need of accommodation during the weekend of the Thailand Ultramarathon 50/100 km,
My first Ultra will live long in the memory and the hospitality show by Philip, Gail and Sinwan (who saved me from a giant spider!) has been first class.
Thank you!

Bram, Matres, Thomas & Pieter Eijsbass 1 January 2015

Dear Philip & Gail, Happy New Year!

What a wonderful time we have spent in your warm and welcoming home. You truly have an amazing place here, something to be very proud of J
Philip, the day tour was just so much fun! What a special place your hut – we enjoyed every minute of it. From the wise lessons about the surroundings, the big knob, the lights of the village, the orchids and let’s not forget about Philip’s pets to the bonfire, the fantastic breakfast, the magical sunrise etc. etc.
Then a little stay at the house of the welcoming local villagers, including the very pink cookies that our boys ,Thomas & Pieter loved so much J
I can go on and on but let’s just say it was unforgettable. New Year’s Eve was just one big splendid party (and we have the videos to prove it!) – one we will never forget.
We thank you for your openness, all your knowledge, your warmth towards our children, your authenticity and for taking care of us the way you did. Please let us know when you ever come to Hong Kong – our door is open!

Warmest, Bram, Matres, Thomas & Pieter Eijsbass

Ps Gail – great dancing!

Robert and Wenche, Amsterdam January 26/29th

Dear Philip and Gail, Thank you so much for a wonderful time. It is a beautiful place. Thank you for your very warm hospitality. The Sunrise was amazing, The Karen Village and the Coffee village very nice, Thank you for everything, Love Robert and Wenche, Amsterdam

Areeya and Jim, Lincolnshire and Bangkok. December 3/7th
Dear Philip and Gail, Thank you so much for the lovely welcome. We have been so happy here and Jim loves it. One day we will bring our family back here. It feels like a second home for us and we are sorry to be going back to England, but we will be back. Thank you, Areeya and Jim

Robert and Trine, New York City and Copenhagen.

Dear Gail and Philip, Thank you for extending your warm hospitality in your lovely Jungle Paradise. All the best, Robert and Trine

Glen and Michelle, Bowraville, NSW, Australia

Philip and Gail, we love your homestay, its just what we needed to relax, Glen and Michelle

Myrthe and Reynier, 8/10th 12.2015. Amsterdam

Dear Philip and Gail, What a lovely lush and welcoming piece of paradise in the middle of the stunning Northern Thai countryside. Although we are not on Honeymoon but “just on holiday” we still had the lazy romantic honeymoon vibe. Thank you both and your lovely staff, for making our stay truly amazing! Love from Amsterdam, Myrhe and Reynier

Athene and Jon, 30.11/04.12.2015, London

Dear Philip and Gail, Thank you for a gorgeous stay in this amazing spot. The room (and hot tub) is truly beautiful. We really, really enjoyed the walks, the wander up the river was particularly enjoyable, and your local knowledge about Susa Waterfall gave us such a fun day out! The dinners were delicious and we’ll need some tennis sessions to get ourselves back into shape. The best thing of all has been your exceptional hospitality – you have been so amazingly welcoming and looked after us so beautifully, and we can’t thank you enough. We can’t wait to see you back in UK , and look forward to catching up with you in less exceptional environment. Very best wishes to you both, Athene and John.

Postscript from John: Many thanks for your wonderful hospitality, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here, your splendid company around the fire-pit taught us so much about Nature and life around here.. What you have achieved here is truly remarkable and a wonderful testament to your spirit and relationship. We very much look forward to seeing you again in England, Jon and Athene

Brooke and Luke, 15.19th .11.2015. Steamboat Springs Colorado.

Philip and Gail!! Thank you so much for your hospitality. The stay here was exactly what we needed to show us the pure beauty of Thailand. Your family was absolutely wonderful and helpful with everything. The cooking was delicious and I don’t think I’ll be able to find Thai food like your sister’s anywhere in Thailand. When we found our trip to Bali wasn’t going to work we knew needed to find a comparable visit somewhere in the world and your home and welcome hearts more than exceeded our plans!! Northern Thailand is one of a kind, filled with smiles, loving people, great food and true hospitality. We love you all and will be back as soon as we can. Come to Colorado and visit us!!! We’d love to share our life and home with you both as you have done for us. Love, Brooke and Luke XXX

Kelsey and Joe, Prescott, Arizona, USA, 05/08.11.15

Dear Philip and Gail, Thank you so much for the fabulous stay. Your hospitality exceeded our expectations and we are sorry we can’t stay longer. We are already looking forward to our next visit to Thailand and possibly Cambridge. Everyone at the Lodge was so friendly and food was sizzling! You have the perfect combination of charm and local information whichmafe our whole stay very special. We came as strangers and left as friends. Please come visit us anytime in Arizona and we look forward to seeing you again soon! Thanks so much. Cheers Kelsey and Joe

Giselle and Geert, Antwerp, Belgium 28/30.10.15

Dear Philip, Dear Kanlaya,
Thank you for the wonderful stay, we talk about t as our second honeymoon. Your place is amazing,, the views are so wonderful, the food is gorgeous…. We really enjoyed the sunrise on the mountain, the visit of the Golden Buddha and Mae Lanna, the visit of the Long Neck Village, the hike after visiting Kanlaya’s village and of course the Full Moon BBQ with the Lahu people, what a unique experience! Thanks, Giselle and Geert

Amber and Ash, England 06/22.08.15 (HM)

Dear Gail and Philip, Thank you so very much for making our dream Honeymoon a reality!

Your home and family are so friendly and welcoming and everyone has looked after us so kindly. We have had the most amazing experiences from 2 days rafting on the Pai River to two days with the elephants and visiting the wonderful temple on the mountain with the Golden Buddha. These are things we will never ever forget, the Honeymoon of a lifetime. We will be very sad to leave such a beautiful, affable place in these mountains. We have many stories to tell, one of the best will be about our first night’s dinner by candlelight due to no electricity. The joys of the rainy season! Thank you Gail for letting us take part in Mother’s Day here, it was truly wonderful to see your family and friends so happy in your home village. We really loved seeing the real Thailand and finding out about your culture and enjoying the delicious food here.

We do hope many more will come to your wonderful home during rainy season, as although there have been some fun challenges, Thailand, especially the North, is so very beautiful at this time of year!

We have learnt so much here and we have been looked after every step of the way, we cannot thank you enough for making our time here so unforgettable. We could not have ever hoped for a more magical or romantic honeymoon, we feel so, so lucky to have had it here at Kanlaya’s and in the North of Thailand. Thank you so very much, Amber and Ash

Bob and Lisa, Oregon, USA. 15.02/12.03.15

Words can’t describe the incredible experience of living for an extended time at such a lovely resort as Kanlaya’s Eyrie. The scenery is beautiful and has a very peaceful atmosphere – you really get the feel of what life in Thailand is really like. The combination of European and Karen influences is blended together to make a wonderful vacation. It doesn’t get any better than this!
Thank you Gail and Philip for a superb holiday and for sharing your home and family life with us. Your friends,

Bob and Lisa

(Whilst here Lisa studied the local bird life and wrote the authoritative report “Kanlaya’s Birds,” identifying and recording over 57 species. John, who is a master of concrete and construction, was the brains and much of the brawn behind the flight of 58 steps and terraces we built together down from the house at a 45 degree gradient, which stood up to the 2015 monsoon without a flicker!)

Lauren and Dean Heuer, England 11/17.02.15 (HM)

Thank you for having us stay at your beautiful home – you have provided us with a very unique experience and given us an insight into the way of life here in the northern Thailand mountains. You have been great hosts, service, service and attention to detail have been brilliant and without fault. We have really enjoyed your company and getting to know you both.
We enjoyed the wide variety of trips available, from the day out in Pai through the fishing with Gail’s family and celebrating Lahu New Year! We feel that we have learned a lot about the area.

Thanks again, Lauren and Dean

Dominique et Francois de Serient Lige, Jura, France 05.02.15

Cher Philippe, Cher Gail, It will be hard to forget such a nice stay in Kanlaya’s. Everything was just “Formidable.” The charm of the place, the atmosphere, the people we met. The place is unique and will remain in our heart. A bientot we hope, Dominique and Francois

John and Jan, Acton, Maine, USA 6/9.02.15

Another lovely visit with Philip and Gail, outside of happy we so enjoy this beautiful area, the hikes, the Karen village, lovely food and garden. Thank you once again – our second visit to Mae Hong Son Province in two years. Until we meet again we wish you the very best, John and Jan
(for the second year running this generous and altruistic couple spent many weeks at a remote Tribal School by the Burmese border in the toughest conditions, lending their support and leadership to the local people.)

Fons and Ulrike, Amsterdam 28/31.01.15

We feel sad to leave Kanlaya after three wonderful days where we experienced all new and exciting things such as the most beautiful Sunrise we ever saw,, meeting the people from the Karen Village, walking through lush and wild valleys of Northern Thailand. We enjoyed every minute on your beautiful premises and in our peaceful Honeymoon Suite. We felt like true honeymooners! All the best to you and your family!
Thank you so much for everything, Love, Fons and Ulrike

Eve & Cei, 04/10.01.2015 (HM)

Dear Philip and Gail,
Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome at Kanlaya’s. We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit and have lots of lovely memories from the first half of our Honeymoon. Your knowledge of the area and your expeditions are something no guide book could ever cover. We have enjoyed learning about local life here and its rich traditions, so different from home.
Kanlaya’s is beautiful so we both felt very lucky to have visited and enjoyed its beauty.
Thank you both for all your time for showing us everything and looking after us so well.
We wish you every success with future Honeymoons. We also wish we could take home the view from the Hot Tub (and maybe an Elephant too!)
Many thanks, Evie and Cei

Eva & Tomas, Czech Republic, 01/04.01.2015

Gail and Philip,
Thank you both for your great hosting in your house. We appreciate your open arms and honest company. You are both such lovely people. We think choosing your Homestay was the very best place we have seen in Thailand. Such a beautiful and relaxing place connected with lovely people, a great combination.

Thanks too for taking us up to the Sunrise. It was the best what we have seen, honestly, the landscape and the mist, wow!! We wish you Happy New Year, lots of love and good health to you and all your family.
We will stay in touch, Eva and Tomas

Our first five References from ranked


Unforgettable Stay! –  Aurelien,Paris Score 10/10

We spent 2 days in paradise! Gail and Philip are 2 amazing persons who did everything for our Comfort! This place is just wonderful, so authentic and made with so much taste. We highly recommend their one day trek (to Gail’s native village) and the sunrise breakfast!! Our warmest and best souvenir from Thailand!

“Amazing place”, Eva, Czeck Republic Score 10/10

Location among mountains is just spectacular.Peaceful and relaxing place with great hosts Philip and Gail which gave us a lot of care.Night sky, full moon and one of the best sunrise watching what we have ever seen make this place special.There is also lot of things to do – hikking, discovering nature beauties as a biggest cave in asia, watterfalls and meet local tribe people. The accomodation is nicely build, clean, comfortable and quiet.I would absolutely recommend to everyone, becouse you have to FEEL that place 🙂

“Awesome Experience.” Yu, China Score 9.6/10

The environment was clean, the landscape was fascinating and peaceful, an awesome place where to relax and have a good time. The best resort I’ve ever been in my life. Nice and delicious food serving. Polite attitude. We spent the last day of 2014 there, which is unforgettable.

Exceptional, Marc, Switzerland Score 10/10 6 January 2015

Kanlaya’s Eyrie est un lieu magique. Les propriétaires sont des personnes très attachantes et toujours à votre service. Cet endroit calme et reposant possède un jardin extraordinaire avec des plantes et des arbres magnifiques où chaque chose est à sa bonne place. Bien situé entre Pai et Mae Hong Son, il permet de découvrir la région très facilement

Paradise im Norden Thailands” Score 10/10. 7 January

Wunderschöne, stilvolle Anlage. Sehr zuvorkommende, freundliche Gastgeber. Ein idealer Ort um ein paar Tage auszuspannen.

Auriel et Aurielen, Paris, 28/31.12.2014

Merci a Kanlaya et Philip pour leur accueil si chaleureux et si generieux! Nous avons 3 jours immoubliables dans cette endroit magnifique! La douceur, la gentillerie, la qualite des biens et des personnes sont pour nous de tres beaux presents! Longue vie a cet endroit de Paradis! Merci aussi a Pat et a tous ceux qui font ivre cet endroit magnifique!
Au Plaisir de revenier tis bientot
Auriel et Aurelien, Paris

Andy and Kerry, (HM)

Dear Philip and Gail,
Thank you for providing us with a really unique and special start at Kanlaya’s to our Honeymoon. You have built a beautiful place which really does have the wow factor. The Honeymoon Suite was superb and all the small details from intricate hand-shaped door handles, hand-made, emerald green crackled glazed tiles in the bathroom, copper taps and washbasin not to mention beautiful teak wall panelling and Thai silk bedspread, all give a wonderful feeling of pure luxury.

The food was delicious throughout and we have both developed a real taste for Thai cuisine as a result!

We enjoyed our trips and excursions immensely and feel we have had a rare opportunity to see a more traditional, authentic side of Thailand without having to rough it in the jungle with a backpack to do so!

Your hospitality has been warm and genial throughout and we thank you for making us feel so welcome.
Kindest regards, Kerry and Andy

James, South Farm, 9/15/12.2014

Dad and Gail,
Thanks so much for looking after me so well. Fantastic to come at last to see what you have been working away on for so long. You really have created something quite exceptional and unique. I take my hat off to you for your vision and endeavour!

The expedition to the “Secret Waterfall” was an adventure to remember, but the whole area is charming and fascinating. Nice landscape, lovely people and perfect climate.

I really hope to return with the whole family next time. Good luck with the future here. Thanks so much,
Love, James

Clarissa and Sean, 09/15.11.2014 (HM)

Thank you so much for a fantastic stay! We have had a wonderful time, the staff have been amazing and the food simply delicious.
Gail, you have been a perfect hostess, we have enjoyed all our conversations, getting a very personal insight into local life here. The expeditions have been once in a lifetime experiences, so very memorable.

We feel blessed to have been able to have spent time in such a beautiful place for our Honeymoon, it’s been perfect.
We really hope to come back one day for another visit! Thanks again for everything, we will never forget Kanlaya’s!
Clarissa and Sean

Julie and Marcus, who organised the Thailand International Ultramarathon in our Village, 01/07 11.2014

Dear Philip and Gail
Thank you so much for welcoming us to your exquisite home. We have had such a luxurious relaxing and peaceful stay here after the hectic challenge of the Ultramarathon. Every morning we have woken up from a peaceful slumber to see the beautiful view of the mist drifting through the valley until the rising sun burns it away for the day. By day, whichever way we look, we feast our eyes on the beautiful gardens, forests, mountains, the river far below and the house itself. What a stunning place you have created! Every evening we have enjoyed relaxing in the water-garden, dining and warming ourselves by the fire besides the waterfall. And each night we have soaked in the tub! We will never forget your great hospitality.
Marcus and Julie.

Nicky and Jamie, Hertfordshire, 10/14.03.2014 (HM)

Dear Philip and Gail,
We have had the most amazing stay in your beautiful home! From meeting us at Chiang Mai Airport, all through our stay you have been the most wonderful hosts.

We have been completely blown away by the stunning surroundings, the attention to detail and the first class service. It was a privilege to see in the New Year with the Lahu Tribespeople, what an experience!

The Sunrise seen from your charming mountain top hut was totally captivating. We feel our experiences have been so authentic and we would never have got to see such amazing things without your knowledge of the area and all Kanlaya’s Tribal connections. Her wonderful family and friends made us feel so welcome, especially Penn.
We wish we could wake up every day to that wonderful view!
Thank you, Jamie and Nicky

Crawford and Scott, 22/24.11.2014

Thanks for everything Gail. We had a fantastic time. The sunrise was quite possibly the best thing I have seen in my life and having breakfast cooked over charcoal as the sun rose made it perfect. I loved meeting your family in their Tribal village, so warm and welcoming, rice farming, and hiking through the river. But most of all I loved you. Thanks for sharing your life with me.
Love Crawford (Sean) and Scott.

Dan Fraser (Smiling Albino, bespoke adventure holidays in Thailand)

I want to thank you for the amazing stay last week. Sue, Todd and I enjoyed it very much. From the perspective of people who stay in luxury hotels around the world, this was a very pleasant change of pace, and an interesting and exciting experience.

There is no doubt that the crucial selling point here is to brand the experience as a luxury homestay in a Thai village. Quite different from a resort experience and this is the key point to communicate to potential guests we would have. It is not possible anywhere else in Thailand to have a classy standard of luxury like this while being so intimate with a small Thai town at your doorstep. That is what compensates for lack of other amenities you’d find at a luxury hotel, and makes it a very unique experience in Thailand.

Regarding the experience, it was excellent. The food and treatment was very good. Staff very pleasant – and I understand probably quite early in their training – yet still quite satisfactory considering that.

Clearly the design, gardens and grounds are truly lovely. You feel as if you are part of the village, not in a hotel or even remotely near the tourist trail. This is the greatest feature which we will emphasize very clearly with potential guests. A stay in the late rainy season or Oct/Nov must be absolutely spectacular indeed.
Best in Adventure, Dan Fraser

Jessica and Tim, London, 03/06. 03. 2014 (A very delayed Honeymoon, 38 years on!)

What a fantastic surprise. I couldn’t imagine a more amazing Kanlaya’s. And I understand now what a beautiful is all about – it’s taken us 38 years but we’ve finally done it, had our Honeymoon! I could go on forever singing your praises, and have stayed in this exquisite room all day and night, lazing in the Jacuzzi, and gazing out over the most enchanting garden. In a million years I couldn’t have imagined, with fountains and fish, waterfall and the glorious fire pit at night and dinner beneath the stars, delicious and perfect as we watched the local Karen Village children perform their ageless Tribal Dances on the Balcony.

Your staff, so efficient and so charming in an unspoilt and natural way, thank you all. It was paradise, the Sunrise from your mountain top hut, while Sinouan conjured “The Full English” over a charcoal burner, Forest Monastery so spiritual, and Gail’s extended village family, so welcoming, all in hand-weaved Tribal Dress.
With all our love,
Jessica and Tim

17/24. 02.2014 Arran and Ruth, Hertfordshire (HM)

The most extraordinary guest house in Thailand!

We feel so privileged to have spent our Honeymoon at Kanlaya’s. It is the best possible Honeymoon we could have hoped for, all of te staff at Kanlaya’s have made every memory close to our hearts. It was very enjoyable to have the guidance of Philip and Gail to show us the culture of Thailand and to give us the opportunities to experience the local way of life and to participate in all the exciting activities.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Kanlaya’s and would recommend it to everyone, whether they are coming for their Honeymoon or just to visist the beauty of the North of Thailand. We have felt so welcome and have been looked after by all of the staff. We just can’t wait to plan our next trip to Kanlaya’s.
Thank you so much to all of the staff for making this such a spectacular Honeymoon for us both. Love, Arran and Ruth

12/17.02.2014 Becky Duncan, Baldock, England

Dear Philip and Gail, thank you so much for your extraordinary welcome to Kanlaya’s- what an amazing place you have created.
I wish everyone success and hope that you gain enormous pleasure from living here and opening it up for everyone to share – How kind of you! Your staff are charming and the food simply delicious – a real Jewel in the Jungle…
Best wishes, Becky

14/17.02.2014 Sally and Jamie, Bedfordshire, England (HM)

Kanlaya’s is Beautiful! Thank you so much for making our Honeymoon so special and for all the attention to detail that made our stay so perfect. You’re right – it’s the best sunrise and we were lucky to have had the full moon too.

Everyone has been amazing and made us feel so very welcome. We loved the Jacuzzi and our evening chats by the fire and all the day trips have been a once in a lifetime experience. We have learnt so much from your wealth of knowledge and please thank Pat for her fantastic trekking and for looking after me when I felt ill.

It has been lovely to get to know you all, the girls have been charming, specially Penn. All in all it has been the best holiday ever and a truly special and romantic time we will never forget. Thank you so very much, Love Sally and Jamie

13.02/15.02.2014 Lydia and Hans, Bavaria

Dank dem Guidebook Alleman “Hoose.” Haben vir Thum Lod gefunden und vurden sehr m-lich begrissl und bevirtet. Im weiteren ist lat aine super interessante. Wanderbegleiterin, thanks! In bester erinnering blebl uns der anfenthalt hier! Thanks a lot, Lydia and Hans

10./14. 02.2014 Vincent and Won-Hee Pigeon, Vancouver City, British Columbia.

Merci pour l’accueil chaleureuxet extraordinaire, merci a Philippe pour les descussions profonds, merci a Gail pour les saurires, et les randonnees. Merci a Penn et les autres.
Thanks for welcome “chaleureuxet extraordinaire.” Merci to you Philip for the very profound discussions, thanks to Gail for the laughs and the trekking. Thanks also to Penn and your other staff. Vincent and Won-Chee.

07.02.2014 Les Nantais, Catherine, Pascal, Lament et Jean-Noel

Merci a Gael et Philippe de leur marveilleur accueil dans ce cadre somptueux. Le reveil avec le lever du soleil est pour le moins “Magique.” Dommage que notre sejour ici soit trop rapide car il y a trop de chose a decouvrier ici.

Quelle surprise de decouvrier ce superbe site au milieu de la montagne. IL faudrait qu’on y revienne. Merci encore pour l’accueil.
Thanks to Gael and Philippe for your wonderful greeting in this sumptuous location. The dawn with the sun rising was at the very least “Magique.” How sad our stay passed so quickly because there is so much to do and to discover here.

What a surprise to discover this superb place in the very middle of the mountains. It’s imperative we come back. Thanks again for your welcome,
Les “Nantais”

04/06.02.2014 Micaela Hobbs, Crouching Tiger Tours

Sincere apologies for such a tardy email – my feet have hardly touched the ground since returning from such an amazing trip to stay with you in Kanlaya’s Eyrie! Thank you both, Philip and Gail, for your wonderful and generous hospitality. Your home is magnificent and the tranquillity of your beautiful gardens is intoxicating. The enthusiasm of our guided tour around the local area was “catching” and the vivid memory of sunrise breakfast will be with me for a very long time.

I wish you well with your enterprise and hope to be able to bring my own guests to stay and enjoy your fantastic home.
Many thanks, Micaela Hobbs

03/05.02.2014. Angela Murrills and Peter Mathews, Languedoc, France

Dear Philip and Gail:
Sincere apologies for such a tardy email – my feet have hardly touched the ground since returning from such an amazing trip to stay with you in Kanlaya’s Eyrie!!

What a heavenly spot–and what a surprise to discover it in such rural surroundings. Having massages on our terrace with its valley and mountain views, as we watched the swallows fly over and the stars come out, was one of the highlights of our holiday in Thailand.
You’ve built something unique that manages to combine modern style with the traditional comfort of an elegant Thai home.
Angela Murrills and Peter Matthews

23/25.01.2014 Hans and Minnaf, Denmark

Thanks for 2 days in Paradise! You have spoiled us in many ways. We will never forget and hope to come back some day. Also thanks to Penn, helpful, sweet and a very good cook.
Love, Hans and Minnaf

20/23.01.2014 Martial & Monik, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thank you Gail and Philip for your great hospitality. We did greatly appreciate the beauty and comfort of the place. Penn was the cherry on the sundae; she is a good worker. We did enjoy a lot our visit to the cave. It’s an extraordinary place to see. Good luck with your great project you two. Sincerely Martial and Monique
Good luck with your great project you two. Sincerely Martial and Monik from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

15.01.2014 Robin and Ray. Powell River, British Columbia

Lovely spot, idyllic patch of paradise. Thanks for your gracious hosting. We enjoyed ourselves very much and appreciated our different experiences, the hot tub, full moon rising above Kanlaya’s, the roaring courtyard fire and a great dinner amongst good company. Thanks again, Robin and Ray

01.01.2014 Stuart and Louise, Royston, UK

Gail and Philip, what a stunning place, house and gardens are absolutely amazing. Great hospitality from all staff, thoroughly recommend to friends and family. Thank you for an amazing few days. Louise and Stuart

30.12.2013. Garurin and Megacai, Bangkok

What a beautiful view from our bedroom. Very friendly and kind owners and delicious local food plus a perfect breakfast. If we have the chance we will certainly return to Kanlaya’s

29.12.2013. Kate and Parker, Los Angeles

Gail and Philip, We had a truly wonderful stay at your lovely resort. Thank you so much for the hospitality. We will definitely spread the word to our friends and family about how great this place is. We feel lucky to have the honour of being your first guests in the Honeymoon Suite. May our paths cross again in the future. Thank you, love Kate and Parker

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